Bryan McCabe Back In Blue and White??

Remember, it’s only his job to make shit up, to increase uv’s and pageviews to therefore driveup the value of his site so that the folks who are buying it overpay…:

Without further adue, your Hanky Wednesday…

“Yesterday I told you there was a trade rumour involving Toronto that would send a player from the Southeast Division to the Leafs. It appears to be a D-man from what I am getting, and I believe it to be either a Hurricane player or a Thrasher. Joni Pitkanen is a player the Leafs have been known to have interest in. Several times, dating back to his Philly days, I have heard the Leafs had interest in Joni.”

Cliff has just brought in a slew of D.  No, they may not all be long timers, but quiet frankly he doesn’t have room for the guys he has and he also has yet to be ablt to establish a market for any of the extras.  Brining in a D makes little sense right now…

In any event here is the 411 on Pitkanen:

2003-04  Philadelphia Flyers         NHL    71    8   19   27   44  15   0   3   3   6
2004-05  Philadelphia Phantoms       AHL    76    6   35   41  105  21   3   4   7  16
2005-06  Philadelphia Flyers         NHL    58   13   33   46   78   6   0   2   2   2
2006-07  Philadelphia Flyers         NHL    77    4   39   43   88  --  --  --  --  --
2007-08  Edmonton Oilers             NHL    63    8   18   26   56
2008-09  Carolina Hurricanes         NHL     7    1    3    4    6
         NHL Totals                        276   34  112  146  272  21   0   5   5   8

In other news, Hanky things Stajan and Steen could be headed to Carolina for Tomas Kaberle’s brother….

Which would be awesome and right in line with what Cliff is trying to do, add a 35 year old defencemen….;)

“And to complicate things even further, I was told that Jeff Finger could possibly be one of the big names that gets thrown around at the Deadline. Yes the well-paid, just signed UFA. There is a school of thought here that is whacky to me, could be nothing, but just passing it along…

Ok…enough!  Jeff finger has played all of 2 games for the Leafs and they are already trading him????  Secondly, if he is “big name” at the deadline, then this will be the slowest deadline days EVER.

Meanwhile back on earth, I am hearing that the Leafs are hot after a starting goalie and look for Ryan Hollweg  to be THE hot commodity at the deadline this year, with teams offering multiple first rounders for him.  Lastly, although this may sound whacky, but Cliff is also said to be coveting Byran McCabe.  That is the player from the Southeast…he loves his attitude and his presence in the lockeroom is sorely missed.

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