Rosie Dimano Talks Sex

So, here I am at my desk, eating my lunch when a new article hits my RSS reader… Courtroom Shocked at Frost Trial….by Rosie Dimano…..

It’s a quiet an amusing story to be honest.  Here is a recap, read it in full at least 30 minutes before or after a meal…

Frost as you will recall has been accused of forcing a woman to have 3 way sex with one of his former players.  Today in the courtroom, on cross examination, the woman was asked to describe Frost’s genitals.  The witness was able to do so, according to Rosie (who gives play by play better then Bowen could).  Then out of nowhere the defence attorney asked the witness why her description did not include a third nut, I mean testicle….  NO, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP…..

Here is the response:

“I didn’t look. It was dark. When you’re down there…I just didn’t notice it.The size of the penis and all that, I could feel with my hands.”

more to follow should it be made available 🙂  Rosie’s play by play can be found here….

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