Shootout Win!

Oops Moore didn’t get to shoot in top 3, khulemin did (and missed) as did Steen…and Kaberle scored!

Elias scored for Devils…

On to next round…

Hagman….scored in an unusual move… leafs win

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October 29, 2008 10:56 pm

Was that ever nice for Toskala to win this shoot-out…man, he has to feel good about this one.

I knew it was the obvious choice but I’m also happy Wilson didn’t switch for Joseph this time either.

What a crazy game. But a win is a win and the Buds never gave up once again. This is a trend I can totally live with! 🙂

October 30, 2008 11:19 am

I know this has been talked about a lot already, but can anyone tell me why again we went a traded a pick for Ryan Hollweg?

Other than showing a little energy, a few minor hits (except for when he sees an opportunity to smoke someone from behind then he goes all out) and logging some 4th line minutes, this guy is utterly useless. I’m sure someone can actually confirm this but I am positive he has not one a single fight yet. Christ, last night he got beaten by Mike Rupp!! I mean come on, at least if we are going to have a guy that wants to throw some fists and cause havoc out there we can surely do 10 times better than what this guy brings.

I don’t like him at all. I don’t think the majority of Leaf fans like him and I have never heard from any Leaf player speak positively or back this guy up in any way shape or form.

SO WHY ARE WE KEEPING HIM? Better yet, why not throw him to the press box and bring Ian White back onto the wing!

October 30, 2008 8:09 am

4-3-3 after 10 games. whodathunkit? if the media keeps the pressure off this version of the Leafs, they may make the playoffs yet!

October 30, 2008 11:28 am

I think the only reason he is around is that Wilson looks at him as a project.

October 30, 2008 2:21 pm

“I think the only reason he is around is that Wilson looks at him as a project.”

…and like milk, I’m sure there is an expiry date… hope is a short one.

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