Berger Needs An Enema

“Are Leafs Peddling False Hope Once Again?”
“In a carefully crafted effort, the Maple Leafs have hyped and boosted rookie Luke Schenn in virtually every public forum during the first two-plus weeks of the season – building an aura around their top draft pick from last summer, and making it sound entirely logical to keep the 18-year-old defenseman in the NHL. But, history has long shown that what the Leafs say doesn’t necessarily dovetail with the premium course of action… and this could be another example.”
“Wilson is playing the lead role in the pro-Schenn movement, almost to the point of nausea. He has glorified the youngster in just about every media gathering – frequently without provocation. He went as far, earlier today, to suggest that Schenn “makes the best outlet pass” of any Toronto blue-liner – a ridiculous exaggeration given Tomas Kaberle’s primary skill and contribution to the Leafs. But, this campaign is having the desired effect, as the always-risky choice to keep an 18-year-old with a developing team has been largely met with approval. After consecutive wins in October, the Mats Sundin nonsense has also started anew – Wilson claiming how perfect a fit the waffling veteran would be with his playoff-bound team.”

Happy Howie wrote that 3 days ago…right??? Compare that with:

“For whatever it’s worth, the Maple Leafs have probably been the NHL’s surprise team of the first three weeks. And given what he is extracting from his players almost every night, Ron Wilson might be the best coach in the league to this point. He has pushed most of the right buttons with his line-up, and a change of dynamic in the dressing room has been effective. Wilson’s request that his players attack the opposition goal more aggressively has produced extraordinary results in the past four games, as the Maple Leafs have averaged roughly 40 shots per night. Toronto’s 4-3-3 record after 10 starts is more than acceptable, given the near absence of expectation; in fact, it seems almost spectacular.”

Are you kidding me????

You don’t have the right to write shit like that you two face clown!

Do you remember this gem:

“Separating doctrine from reality, of course, has forever been a challenge in the Kool-Aid capital of the hockey universe, where 90% of the media and 98% of the fan-base swallows anything the Maple Leafs propagate.”

You are the king of propagation! I don’t know what it is man, but you sell it. When it rains you sell umbrellas. When it is sunny you are the used car salesman selling convertibles. No one writes more hot and cold then you do. It’s a freaking joke!

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