Changes In TV Land, A Start, But Not Enough

The CRTC started down the right path, but veered off, again. On the sports front, it has leveled the ground for TSN and Sportsnet. TSN is now able to offer regional programming ala Sportsnet. Sportsnet can now bid on National events ala TSN. Sounds fair enough right???

“Many elements of the CRTC decision were not explained adequately in a news release, television executives said. However, it is clear that the sports channels are protected from major U.S. services such as ESPN. They’re not coming into Canada.”

There is the veer that I mentioned. Look, this is the year 2008. We are just shy of 2009. It is time for the CRTC to take off the shackles and end this stupid protectionist policy. It is time to let Canadians aka the market decide what should be on and not the bureaucrats. We the people have to demand the best, instead we are getting force fed the Canadian. Who is right, in the end, the market will bear the truth.

As you know I travel south of the border quite often. I can tell you that while I prefer ESPN programming for certain things, their version of sportscenter won’t fly up here. Why? Simple, College sports (football and basketball) aren’t huge sellers in this market. The NBA/MLB/NFL and NCAA all play well ahead of the NHL on ESPN. That just won’t fly up here. Why the government can’t keep it’s hands off this issue is nuts. There are way more important issues for the government to be worrying about then what we get on our tv.

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