Conflicting Stories on Burnett

Some media outlets are saying that AJ Burnett will make his decision to opt out prior to the baseball meetings on Monday. Tonight his agent is singing a different tune:

“I don’t anticipate us having made a statement on the issue once we arrive out there on Monday,” Braunecker said. “If indeed I’m going to be able to talk to other clubs about A.J., he’s gotta be a free agent,” Braunecker said. “Whether or not to do that is still to be determined … He’s going to have to make a decision either way so that we can begin negotiations in earnest with the Blue Jays or explore options with other clubs.”

So in truth, he is going to opt out. The question is, will he give the Jays the first (and only official) kick at the cat?

According to the Toronto Star’s Cathal Kelly he will…:

“The Toronto Blue Jays and general manger J.P. Ricciardi will have at least one day to woo pitcher A.J. Burnett once the general managers’ meetings begin Monday in Dana Point, California. ”

tick tick tick….

Let’s see what Elliot has to say tomorrow…

read the star here

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