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Hmmmm, I just finished one post on gambling and the huge influence it has on sports and I see that Darren Dreger has posted a blog on the issue of injury disclosure in the NHL.  Who cares right????  Well down the dial, Happy Howie has made this his topic du life.  I am not entirely sure why, however the fact that teams don’t totally disclose the injuries drives him nuts…

Funny, it is the players who don’t want it disclosed as opposed to the mangers…:

“This past June, NHL general managers voted unanimously in favor of limiting how much information is disclosed about player injuries. The amended policy states clubs cannot falsify information, or misrepresent a player’s condition; but teams are no longer required to disclose the specific nature of player injuries.”

Ahhhh, the J.P. meets the US army policy, that is It’s not a lie if the teller knows the truth meets don’t ask don’t tell….  So the policy is you don’t have to disclose anything, but if you do, you can’t lie.  Clear as mud eh?

“NHL GMs say the crackdown is designed to protect the player, as many still believe “targeting” is a constant threat. Wings GM Ken Holland says he encouraged the league to reconsider the disclosure policy for two reasons: 1)  Two of his players requested the specifics of their injuries not be disclosed.  2)  The GM saw enough evidence in game one of the Western Conference final versus the Dallas Stars and game two of the Stanley Cup final to conclude opposition players were targeting Johan Franzen’s head based on reports the Detroit forwards had “concussion-like” symptoms.”

Now clearly, the NHL is more physically demanding then the NFL right? Wink Wink….. So why the difference?

“Well, it’s not something people want to say on the record but the answer is a simple one from an NHL perspective – the NFL is compelled to adopt a full disclosure policy because of the enormous amount of money wagered each week on the outcome of games. The NHL faces no such pressure.”

Amen.  The NHL won’t be a Major League, comparable with the other 3 until $uch a time as that change$.  The money on “the $ide” makes it in$ignificant.  That i$ why the TV deal$ are brutal and why the NHL remain$ a league that i$ driven by the gate, unlike any of the other Major League$.  It is also why, the player$ will be able to hide behind their injurie$, becua$e, to be hone$t, with the exception of Happy Howie, no one care$…at least no one that matter$

you can read dreger here

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