Great Maple Leaf Quotes From ESPN

Of course, we have to rely on ESPN these days for some decent journalism around the Buds…

“The one thing about Toronto, there’s always exaggeration, normally generated by the media,” Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher told this week.”

He is only wrong on one point…normally, I think he meant “entirely”

“In this market, we had a great game against Detroit, and [everyone thinks] there’s going to be a parade for God’s sakes,” said coach Ron Wilson, who is in his first season behind the Leafs’ bench. “Then we have two not-so-good games, and everybody thinks you’re never going to win a game again.”

That’s right, just read or listen to Happy Howie and his 90% breathern….

Said Peddie: “We set expectations very low, very legitimately. It wasn’t a phony thing. That was our expectation.”

And like Damien said this am, the question will be can the board keep their mitts off this thing all year…

“Before I took the job, Cliff sat me down and showed me all the holes in the lineup and told me they’d be young guys filling those holes,” Wilson recalled. “There were like six holes, blanks. He says, ‘Can you coach this team?’ I looked at it and I said, ‘Who’s filling in the blanks?’ And he says, ‘More young guys, maybe a few free agents, but mostly young guys.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, of course I can coach that team. In fact, I think it would be a real challenge.'”

A challenge it will be for sure!

“”Yes, I’ve bruised a few egos, and to be honest with you, they’re overinflated ones,” Wilson said. “I said at our first meeting of training camp that there won’t be any special treatment. Everybody will be treated equally. If you worked hard, you’ll play. You will decide your ice time, I don’t. I honestly believe that. And I’ve tried to be true to my word.”

hmmmm I wonder who “BLAKE” he is talking about?????

“”He’s making a statement,” Blake said. “Obviously, there’s no free passes. It doesn’t matter if you play 10 years or not,

    I gues

s. You have to be ready to go every single night. There’s a message being sent around the locker room. You got to make sure you’re ready to play.”

You guess??? How thick are you??

“”They know that I will put anybody down,” Wilson said. “This isn’t like I’ve sat down superstars or anything like that; these guys, if they were playing for the Detroit Red Wings, might not even be in the lineup. And that’s the way I view this team. Everybody is going to have to work and pitch in. I think that makes it fair for everybody.

“I’m trying to create a positive culture for this team.”

It’s called perspective….a thing this team and the media that cover it badly need!

“You can’t tell a coach and a general manager who have had the winning records these two guys have had or, for that matter, a bunch of young men, ‘Oh, we want you to lose this year,'” said Peddie, whose hockey team last made the playoffs in April 2004. “You can’t do that. People say, ‘Tear up the team and make them lose.’ You just can’t tell them that. “We don’t want those players if they’re losers. We did what we thought was right.”

But what you can do is resist the urge to think that the team is better then it actually is and force management to make dumb deals because of it. That is what is left to be seen. This team should be sellers at the deadline….. We should be taking on younger players and more picks…No more deals for Aki Berg and the like…

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