In Neveda, The Philies Won Monday Night

Amazing the influence the betting world has on sports.  Anyone who tells you differently is full of, ummmm Scmidt!  Anyways, while the sports fan world watched as Tampa tied up the game the other night, allowing Bud Light the opportunity to postpone the game until last night, The betting fan learned the cruel reality of their world:

“The Rays, down 2-1 at the start of the sixth, tied it when B.J. Upton scored on a single with two outs. Evan Longoria ended the inning with a flyout, and play was then stopped because of heavy rain.Unfortunately for most Rays bettors, the unfinished inning meant most sports books reverted to the score at the end of its fifth, the last completed inning. That makes the Phillies the winners and means game over for Rays gamblers.”

So you can imagine that if you bet on the Rays, were completly elated to see them tie things up only to lose your bet!!!! (hindsite is certainly 20-20 as they lost anyway but still)

“We have very stringent rules,” said Jason Been, an oddsmaker with Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which provides betting lines for roughly 90% of sports books in Nevada. “A baseball game, if it goes five innings, is official for betting purposes for betting either team.

“Whatever Bud Selig or anyone in baseball declares is completely different from wagering rules in sports books.”

Indeed.  Bet on this, any changes to the rules will be a result of the betting world…

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