Jim Kelly Is A Beauty

Life Long Buffalo native who makes regular treks up to Toronto to sit next to McCowan certainly knows where and how to take his shots:

“Lecavalier, who doesn’t know Hollweg except by reputation and has never had an incident or altercation with him, waited until he arrived in Toronto, the perceived center of the hockey universe, to speak his mind.”

Perceived, by whom is it only perceived out of curiosity? And if it isn’t in reality the center of the hockey universe where pres tel is, and why don’t you drive there to work????

“”Everybody knows when he’s on the ice what to expect,” Lecavalier told the assembled media prior to the Lightning engaging the Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. “Hollweg has done it many times. He’s a dirty player, he doesn’t respect anybody. I don’t know how he is off the ice, but on the ice guys don’t respect guys like that. You can play hard, but you don’t have to hit a guy from behind.” Hollweg has no redeeming qualities as a hockey player. He’s not known as a goalscorer, a defensive maven, a faceoff expert or even a character guy in the room. He’s a hitter and his reputation around the NHL is that of a one who hits from behind; intentionally and with little to no regard for the consequences.

Check the stats: In the first four years of his NHL career, Hollweg contributed a grand total of 12 points, a plus-minus figure of minus-26, and 326 penalty minutes. In his four games with the Leafs to date (he’s missed six via two three-game suspensions for hitting from behind, once in the preseason with another Blues player, Jay McKee, and again just days into the regular season with Pietrangelo). As of Oct. 30, Hollweg had no goals and no assists and is a minus four with 15 penalty minutes this season.”

As you know I can’t stand Hollweg. I think he is an embarrassment to the Leafs. Kelly isn’t however being truthful in his reporting. Dreger was on 640 last night talking about it and basically said that Vinny only answered the question here because it was the first time he was asked about it. No offense to our friends in the Tampa area but, this is a non story there, or anywhere but here to be honest. So to say that Vinny waited until he got here to say these things is disingenuous to say the least.

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