A Player’s Perspecitve On Injury Disclosure

This is an issue that seems to be picking up steam. The fact that it gets under the beat reporter for the Leafs from 590 makes me want to write about it even more….

The issue, as you may recall is that the NHL doesn’t make it’s teams fully disclose the nature of player injuries as other leagues do, especially the NFL.

“This policy I agree with because far too often when accurately disclosing a player’s injury, opposing players will do everything they can to take advantage of the situation.”

Kelly Hrudey, a former goalie and current member of the media still believes the the NHL policy is the accurate one.

“Remember Oleg Tverdovsky? He was an up-and-coming, puck-moving defenceman that started his career in Anaheim in 1994. I believe early the next season, it was disclosed that Tverdovsky suffered from some sort of chronic foot ailment. To make matters worse, both feet were affected. Unfortunately we played against the Ducks shortly after this disclosure and I don’t think I’ve seen a guy get slashed more often on his feet in a game. It looked very painful and he certainly looked in great discomfort but because we knew about it, we tried to expose a weakness. I’m pretty sure he would have preferred not having the whole league know he had problematic feet.”

I have not doubt that this is true. I guess the question is why isn’t it such a problem in the NFL? The NFL is a more physical game.

As I said before, absent pressure on the league from real sources (IE Las Vegas or the US TV networks) nothing will change…

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