Cliff Saying All The Rights Things

No, I haven’t forgotten about Happy Howie—the wheels are in motion.


Interesting quotes form Cliff on the state of the Leafs 10 games in.

“It’s way too early,” he said. “We’re going to grow as a team and see how it goes. We have 72 games to play. We’re moving forward with a base of young players. We’re not looking for any opportunities to bring in any older, experienced players in here to help us take a run at a playoff run.” “The criterion of not going after the older players is something we’re sticking to,” Fletcher said. “Brendan has had a wonderful career and probably still has some good hockey left in him, but that counters what we’re trying to do.”

Of course the exception to this would be if the former captain who used to wear #13 decided he wanted to come back…

On the subject of D…..

“We haven’t had any injuries yet, but we probably will have some injuries. It’s difficult fitting nine pegs into six holes, but it’s a good problem we have. If there is an opportunity to move one of them for a good forward then it would make sense. But that’s not the case right now.”

Status quo on this Halloween Friday…..

More on Howie later

You can read Cliff here

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