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Great Effort To Make It 4-4

Wow...what a great shift to tie it up...Dare I say that perhaps the village idiot Ryan Hollweg actually had a productive shift...color me amazed....Gr [...]

Raptors Win

Congrats beat the 76ers on opening night with Bosch scoring 27....great job! [...]

750m for an NHL Team ?? :)

Remeber that magical number from the article last week...750M for a second franchise is Toronto? Well Forbes has just valued the Leafs as numero uno [...]

Raptors Opening…

Good luck to the raptors and Jermaine Oneil tonight [...]

Rosie Dimano Talks Sex

So, here I am at my desk, eating my lunch when a new article hits my RSS reader... Courtroom Shocked at Frost Trial....by Rosie Dimano..... It's a qu [...]

Bryan McCabe Back In Blue and White??

Remember, it's only his job to make shit up, to increase uv's and pageviews to therefore driveup the value of his site so that the folks who are buyin [...]

Blue Jays Media Care More About Canadian Content

Every time I have written (or anyone else for that matter) about the Jays adding a Canadian body to the squad it seems that Jay Fan could care less. [...]

No One In The League Would Have Demoted Schenn

"Not one person in the league would demote a top 4 defencemen and Luke Schenn has clearly been at least a top 4." Jim.Ralph [...]

The Leafs Tonight

from Sportsnet: Defencemen Carlo Colaiacovo, Jonas Frogren and Ian White will be healthy scratches for the Toronto Maple Leafs Tuesday when they take [...]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Great show by the way if you haven't seen it yet....Anyways the creator's of that show certainly didn't have MLB and the World Series in mind when the [...]

Loose Leafs- Farber takes a jab

Good to hear that the Leafs are a loose bunch: "The jokes are usually about the Toronto Maple Leafs, not during the Maple Leafs' practices. But in th [...]

Tuesday With Damien….

So yesterday he slammed the Leafs for being shortsighted with respect to the cap in keeping Luke Schenn around. Today he takes on tonight's leaf oppo [...]

Jays Looking to Florida For a Bat

MLB.com is reporting that the Blue Jays are amongst potential suitors for 1b Mike Jacobs: "In his third full season with the Marlins, Jacobs will tur [...]

David Frost Meet George Costanza

I am sorry, the David Frost issue is, in a word, pathetic. For a million different reasons, Frost is everything that is wrong with hockey. In any ev [...]

Mount Howie Spews Off Yet Again

I think Howard Berger is suffering another one of his "stomach issues". There is no other way to explain the amount of shit coming off his fingers. [...]

Rooting For 1 M

Watching the world series game, man is it pouring... I haven't watched a whole lot of the series, but I just got a glimpse of my favorite Blue Jay man [...]

A Legend Passes….

When Ben Johnson got busted, I was waiting to be picked up for a school event. I remember listening to the story on the radio as it broke, and it see [...]

Hanky’s Back, Apendix??? More Like Lobotomy

Back from having his appendix out, nothing has changed in Hanky Land (except that I am hearing strong rumors of his intent/desire to sell hankybuzz.co [...]

Monday Morning Coxisims

Not sure if you can access it right now, because the site appears to be down. However Damien takes a run both at Leaf fan this am and of course the M [...]

Add Barry Melrose To The Idiot List

"He doesn't have a point yet, so all of Canada is in an uproar," Lightning coach Barry Melrose said. "But every game he's getting better. He's playing [...]
1234640 / 117 POSTS