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Is Carlo Colaiacovo On His Way Out?

No, this isn't a trade rumor. Happy Howie seems to think that the Leafs and Fletcher owe Carlo the right to ply his trade elsewhere. Here is the the [...]

Ron Wilson: The Right Perspective

"We might be better than expected,” he said. “But maybe how we are doing at Christmas time will be a better indicator.” That doesn't mean he isn't pl [...]

Jason Blake Just Doesn’t Get It

So he didn't think Paul Maurice gave him a fair shake. What does he do, het gets benched. First time in 9 years he sits. One would think he would b [...]

More On Isiah Thomas

More on the overdose story, it really is a sad story: "In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Basketball Hall of Famer was found sprawled unconsciou [...]

Toronto Star Headline Pathetic

Anyone catch the headline in today's Toronto Star???? Although it doesn't show online, the headline reads: Canada's Version of Barack Obama? Undern [...]

Quote from the other side

""(The Leafs) came out really hard. They're as quick a team as we've played, very tenacious and strong on the puck," Hartsburg said" All the things W [...]

Thoights After Beating The Sens

Very nice night for Wilson's boys. Here's a couple of thoughts/ predictions on what we should expect to read/hear tomorrow: 1. 5 points in the last [...]

Wilson Gives Tlusty The Finger…

Sorry, couldn't help myself. In any event. It was only yesterday that a few media darlings where asking why or how Ron Wilson can continually punish [...]

Isiah Thomas- He Is What He Is

A bird can't change his feathers. The once phenomenal athlete's downward spiral continues in the most bizarre incident he has encountered since leavi [...]

Beeston=Comfort food

I don't know why, but news that Paul Beeston is driving the negotiation bus with AJ Burnett makes me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable then when J [...]

Little TSM takes to the ice with #7

So, little TSM takes to the ice tonight in his first team practice....Coaching from the ice will be Paul Coffey. Anyone think he would mind of Big TS [...]

Schenn Getting Noticed on Long Island too

Interesting to see how Luke Schenn is quietly becoming (as quiet as can be expected only a handful of games into a campaign) the NHL rookie people are [...]

In Damien We Trust

No, I haven't lost my mind. However a quick read at Cox's the spin this am and I remain convinced that the former captain of the Leafs who used to wea [...]

Small Things Go A Long Way…Yzerman Bad Choice For Canada?

"If I don't do this with Blake, everyone will think there's no integrity to this," Wilson said." We are only a handful of games in, but the signs of [...]

Almost Died This Am

So in a cab at 5am local time here in San Fran, my cabbie is a dead ringer for Michael Moore. Anyway, on the drive to the airport I am certain he fel [...]

Please Stop Reporting Non News~Especially about #13

Sir Damien asked his blog readers whether they thought the Star should respond to the 2nd NHL team story that was reported on in the Globe and Mail. [...]

Behind the Doors of the NHL General Managers’ Meetings

by Neil Smith Many people ask me "what goes on at the GM Meetings?", and "is there plenty of trade talk?". The truth about the real drama of the NHL [...]
TSM’s New Blogger- Neil Smith

TSM’s New Blogger- Neil Smith

Long time NHL executive and Stanley Cup winning GM, Neil Smith has joined TSM as a guest blogger. Neil will be providing analysis you can't find else [...]

Another Team Coming?

Here we go again, David Shoalts is chasing down the story that will never go away (and no I don't mean Brian Burke), another team in Toronto. This ti [...]

How Crazy is this thought

Just a thought, but I am thinking that trader cliff should put in a claim for Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty and send the village idiot packing. Tru [...]
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