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Alexander Ovechkin Is The Man

Question for Donald S Cherry, does this sound like your sterotypical European hockey player? "Ovechkin took it upon himself to lace up his skates and [...]

Simmons ready to repent

Sitting aboard a United flight bound for Chicago enroute to Toronto. There is an airline more brutal than Air Canada, United. I swear they are going [...]

Leafs Sign Luke Schenn- Officially

"Schenn's entry-level contract will see him earn a base salary of $875,000 (all currency U.S.) and he could receive an additional $2.1-million a year [...]

Is The Toronto Media Confused? I should have yelled 2!

Good morning from Seattle, where, what a surprise, it is raining! In any event, what a surprise to find evidence of confusion in the maple leaf world [...]

Leonsis On How To Build Properly – Great Read

For my 7th birthday my mom got me a subscription to the Hockey News. I kept that current until about 5 years ago, when i found it outdated. Oddly en [...]

Mark Bell Waived… Scehnn Starts Season Here

According to Cliff, Bell is the only one waived today. Also Cliff said " Luke is going to start the season here." [...]

Same Story Different Day- Media Can’t Wait

They write it, say it all the time. Toronto fans won't stomach a rebuilding process. We all know that is bullshit. What we didn't know, at least I [...]

Is Mark Bell Done As a Maple Leaf?

Not much of interest in scribes today..even Simmons bored me, except for this: "Mark Bell is all but done as a Leaf. But because of his $2.5-million [...]

Lineup for final pre-season game

Here you, for the last of 9 times this year: There will be one defenseman scratched from this group:Forward: Niklas Hagman, Alex Steen, Jiri Tlusty, [...]


BORAT!!! Originally uploaded by Rude Lovers© VEEEEEERRRY NIIIIIIIICE!!!! [...]

What Should The Maple Leafs Do With Luke Schenn?

A good Friday afternoon to all of you. Sir Damien has a very interesting take on Luke Schenn in his blog today. He starts off in left field, talking [...]
Why My Son Won’t Play Net…

Why My Son Won’t Play Net…

Besides the cost....the photo says it all: and of course a very happy B-day to Mrs. TSM today- 37...don't look a day older then 36! photo from: h [...]

Grapes Is Offside On Ovechkin

Personally, I am Switzerland on Donald S. Cherry. He is, what he is. I don't think he believes half of what comes out of his mouth and he tries to b [...]

Liar, Liar are Ron Wilson’s Pants On Fire?

"It's not a lie, if you know the truth" A quote you see here quite often. I have argued on many occasions that we fans only want the truth. We pay [...]
Did Mike Toth Used To Be On Dukes Of Hazzard?

Did Mike Toth Used To Be On Dukes Of Hazzard?

Were these 2 separated at birth or what???? Did anyone catch the spew coming off of Toth's keyboard today about Cujo? I know I am biased, bu [...]

Damien Cox: Words To Remember

I have this question many a time, but now at least one "expert" has answered it... What will define success this season for the Buds? Interesting in [...]
The Damien Two Step~Cup Envy!

The Damien Two Step~Cup Envy!

Worst D in the league remember folks..... "the heat should be on GM Cliff Fletcher to make sure the same opportunity isn't missed with Kaberle." Dam [...]
1456117 / 117 POSTS