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Burke Seeks Nonis

So far all the parties are saying all the right things. The Ducks issues a very nice statement about Burke taking the job in Toronto. Burke took the [...]

An unblogpost

Very few things make me nauseous. This one thing that I saw made me ill enough to the point that I have taken some time today to contemplate stop wr [...]

Best Brian Burke Preview? Bob McKenzie- Hands down

It's a long one so I am not going to tear it apart, but Bob's preview for Leaf fans on the Brian Burke era is great. There is one flaw that I see, an [...]

Brian Burke Press Conference-Recap

Best part to me was when he said his teams will "have the proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone truculence and belligerence." I will break down m [...]

Burke Press Conference

As if you won't be, just in case, TSM will be watching live and have commentary during and after. Anyone else watching Tommy Boy which is on 319 on R [...]

Perspective on the Burke Era

That didn't take long did it? Paul Hunter and the brains at the headline writing desk at the Star did some homework and actually spend some time rese [...]

E.J. Hradek Calls Out Mats Sundin

I, am sure none of your are surprised, am in total agreement with everything written here as ESPN's Senior Hockey writer included Sundin on his list o [...]
A Thanksgiving Fletcher

A Thanksgiving Fletcher

Yesterday was US thanksgiving. While it is not celebrated here in Canada it does allow us (if we allow it to) all a time to reflect and think, just a [...]

Brian Burke Finally Done? For Real

Ok....I am now almost willing to say that it is done.... The NHL's NHL Director of Corporate Communications has posted on his twitter account the fol [...]

Well???? We Are Waiting

You see this is why the media blew the story. Between the coup in the Canadian government, the unrest / terrorist situation in Mumbai I have been wai [...]

The Cupboard Might Not Be Completely Bare

by LT We heard the saying on numerous occasions last year and through the off season that the Maple Leafs cupboard is bare...meaning, no young talen [...]

Toronto Radio Wars

Ok- so it's not much of a war but there are some interesting trends to watch and the game is about to change. What am I talking about? The Fall radi [...]

Fortune Cookies For Burke- Who’s In

"He also has a romantic side. When Burke was courting his wife, he sent her a box of fortune cookies with the fortune inside: "You are falling in love [...]

Fletcher: No Plans To Meet Sundin

Just suffered through the end of the Thursday night NFL game to hear what TSN had to say about Cirque De Burke and tonight's Bud battle with the sens [...]
Canadian Media vs. Politics

Canadian Media vs. Politics

Nealio sent this along and it makes me almost embarrassed to be a Canadian... I am not sure which is worse, the fact this happened or the fact it air [...]

Semantics, A Big Mouth and Burke

With all due respect to those reporting on the Burke story, this has become a joke. Any of these folks who call themselves journalists should be asha [...]

Daren dreger " deal not signed"

According to Darren Dreger, the deal hasn't been signed. This is entirely contrary to a story in the Sun by Steve Simmons which says that Burke signe [...]

Sportsnet: Burke signed

Sportsnet is reporting Brian Burke is signed, sealed and delivered..leafs gm and pres [...]
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