Marty York on Gillick and #13

Give him credit, when Marty York bangs the drum, he does it loudly and consistantly.

He has been talking about Pat Gillick returning to the Blue Jays, and now, when all other outlets are dismissing the possibility, Marty writes:

“Don’t be surprised if:

– Pat Gillick, 71, who led the Phillies to the Series championship this week as their general manager, resurfaces as a high-level consultant with the Blue Jays.”

I am not sure why he would take the same role he has with the Jays that he has with the Phillies, but,well let’s see what happens…

Marty also suggests that the former captain of the Maple Leafs who used to wear #13 shall:

“- Mats Sundin, a highly coveted NHL free agent, signs for megabucks with the Ottawa Senators before January.”

Ohh the irony if that were to happen…

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