Could Manny Ramirez Be A Blue Jay?

In talking to a colleague today, I posed the question, if Ted Roger’s said, this is the year, go for it, how much do you need and what do you spend it on?

The Colleague said he needed an additional 20m, to take the payroll to 120m.. He would secure Burnett at 18m and then add the bat he needs which he figured he could get Jason Giambi for around 5 and then get a mid level starter….

Interesting banter for sure, especially (with all due respect to my colleague) my us two idiots…

What is more interesting is that the good folks at SI this evening are running a story about the Jays being in the thick of the hunt for Manny Ramirez. When I saw the headline I was stunned. Last night I had read that the Dodgers had offered almost $50m over 2 years. Remember, I am an idiot so I assume that means this was a done deal. Not so fast says SI:

“The Dodgers’ two year-offer to Manny Ramirez — believed to be for about $45 million — is very unlikely to lead to a quick deal between the sides, or perhaps any deal.”


That’s for me….

“The sides are so far apart that the Blue Jays, Orioles and perhaps the Yankees and other teams likely have moved ahead of the Dodgers in terms of their chances to win the services of the mercurial superstar. Those outside teams aren’t eligible to make offers until Nov. 14, but the Dodgers have thus far failed to get a jump start on the others with a proposal so far below Ramirez’s asking price that Manny is likely thinking more seriously about outside options now.”

That is hard for me to believe…. But wait…there is more…

“The Blue Jays, Orioles and Yankees might be feel better about coming closer to Ramirez’s wish of a at least a five-year deal since they could eventually utilize the great right-handed hitter as a DH. Toronto badly wants to upgrade its offense, Baltimore appears serious about becoming a player for multiple free agents (they’re also looking at Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett) and the Yankees are expected to be the biggest free-agent force this winter.”

Done deal? Nope….but certainly something to keep an eye on right?

Just a thought. If Beeston would only take the job to help build a winner and that meant the ability to increase the payroll, curious what would happen if the Jays said to AJ, hey, sign with us for 15m, we are going to get Manny…Think that makes him change his mind????

Meanwhile, over in the Metro- Marty is talking about toys:

“But Milton Bradley is a brat with a bat, a pretty productive bat, and there’s a good chance it’ll be in the heart of the Blue Jays’ order next season.Sources tell Metro that Canada’s MLB franchise has decided to diligently pursue Bradley as a free agent.“We need offensive help,” a front-office source with the Jays confirmed, “and Bradley won’t be nearly as expensive as Manny Ramirez or Mark Texeira (other big-name batters on the free-agent market). Obviously, we know Bradley’s reputation. We know what he’s like. He plays angry, for whatever reason. But we think the pros outweigh the cons with him. Just look at his stats.” Bradley, 30, has been with five major-league teams since starting his big-league career with the Montreal Expos in 2000. He has a .280 career average and 103 home runs in 2,832 at-bats. Last year, with the Texas Rangers, he hit a career-high .327, with 22 homers.”

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