I Guess I Am A Liar Right Kevin- Mats Stay Away Please!

I tell it you, I tell it to freinds all the time…

” I do not want Mats Sundin back.” Hate me for it, call me names, whatever, I do not want him back on this team. It is not because he is european, it’s not because i don’t think he is a great player. I don’t want him back. If I were at the first game, I wouldn’t give him a standing ovation. I don’t want him back.

If that, Kevin makes me a liar, so be it…..

“Gibson: “Oh he would get a standing ovation. No question. You show me a Leafs fan that does not want Mats Sundin back, and I’ll show you a liar. How does this guy not help your team? I am sick and tired of the Tavares talk. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the #1 or #2 pick. I mean has anyone seen Atlanta or the Islanders this year?”

If Sundin comes back, he is a liar. He made it clear, and got a ton of respect for it, when he said he can’t be a rental player. He has to be there from training camp on. At the time I called bullshit. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I still give him that. The minute he steps on the ice, he becomes a fraud. The reality is he didn’t have to wave his no trade clause. The reality is he didn’t have to give a reason. He could have stood up and said, I am not waiving it because i earned that right. I could have lived with that. To stand up and look all teary eyed into the camera and spew on about not believing that going somewhere midway through the season is right only to do that yourself….sorry man, I have no time for you….

There is no upside for him coming to the Leafs and it has nothing to do with Tavares. I think Ron Wilson is trying to change the culture of the team. Sundin returning means that change will stop. It will be his room again and his team. Any progress in the character department COULD be lost. Mat’s is a great player. Let him go chase a cup elsewhere. Anywhere he goes with the exception of Ottawa and I would cheer for him. If he goes to the Rangers and they come to the ACC I would support him in Ranger Blue. I don’t want him on the Leafs. That ship has sailed, that era is over. Come back when we put your name on the rafters.

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