Howard Berger’s At It Again…

I had just sat down to write a post on Bob McCowan and his “Obama won because he is black comment” as I promised I would, when I took a gander over at the fan website and saw that Happy Howie had a new blog post that wasn’t prominently covered on the Hanky site.

I have to admit, when he covered our Fire Howard Site the first time I was stunned, the fact that he has mentioned it again, well…I am almost speechless.

“I’ve enjoyed your attempts to “fire” me this week, and I’m pleased to notice that a number of you took the silly website with the humor it warrants. But, after a flourish of early entries, the signature count has slowed to a trickle in recent days, and that’s not good. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’m planning on hitting up my boss, Nelson Millman, for a raise, but I have no chance of success until the signature count reaches at least 1,000. So, don’t stop now.”

A raise???? With that raise will you graduate to a different NFL team jersey or finally retire the argyle sweaters?

“A lot of “heavy hitters” and some folks rather close to me have joined the firehowardberger bandwagon. In fact, people have signed MY name to the petition six times. My wife, Susan, is on the list as “Mrs. Howard Berger” but I know she’d never endorse my dismissal, given the amount of time I’d be lurking about the house. Even Nelson’s name is on the site after he promised he would not get involved. But, I’m suspicious of anything that would drive the signature number towards the “raise” level.”

Have to admit we have been asleep at the switch as our plans to take the site to the next level. We will get right on that, about as quick as we get Sean Avery to fact check your most recent reports.

“How about these high-rollers on the petition?
STEVE SIMMONS AND DAMIEN COX: Never would my fellow “Leaf haters” jettison one of the buffers existing between irate hockey fans and themselves.”

Funny you don’t mention Al Strachan, I think his name was there too. Oh wait, wasn’t it Al who filed a complaint against you with the professional hockey writers association for bringing your kids to the press box on the road in where was it Philadelphia??? No no no, I remember now, it was that night you were jumping up and down cheering for the Blue Jays in the press box like a cheerleader….. Yeah that was what I was referring to…Silly me.

“PAUL MAURICE: Too nice a man to support a blood-letting.”

Ohhh I don’t think that to be case Howie. It was you who called the guy after he got canned while he was enroute to pick up his kids from school so they wouldn’t be embarrassed by the news coming from someone other than their dad right? That was you who, despite pleading from the buds and Maurice not to record that very personal conversation felt so compelled to play it anyways right? I mean that is who you are right?? Those ratings were sooo high for that piece weren’t they????

“ALEC BROWNSCOME: He swore in an e-mail that it’s all B.S.; that he doesn’t wish to be the lone “Leafs” blogger on HockeyBuzz. But, I don’t buy it.”

Right but down the dial on his own site Alex Tran certainly had some choice words for you:

“I’m not even sure how to respond to something like this, particularly the point about how “Truth kills in Leafs Nation”. Howard is the final word on all things Leafs? He’s the self-proclaimed speaker of the “Truth”? Talk about arrogance. I would love to speak my mind about our dear friend, but I regret that I likely don’t possess enough of the approriate vocabulary in order to do so.
“… but only if the signature count on the petition surpasses 1,000. At the moment, it doesn’t appear too promising, as the paltry total sits at less than 40″.
Word of advice Howard? I wouldn’t criticize the reader count of 40 (which is now over 100 as I type), considering your 14-month high at the FAN 590 Blogs (spanning I don’t know how many blogs) is 41 comments.

So, the McCowan blog will have to wait for a bit, Howie’s latest post got me sidetracked.

Meanwhile, Howie wants me to remind you to sign up:

sign the petition at
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read Alex Tran here

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