Who Is Maple Leaf Nation????

A Chilly Monday afternoon to you and yours. I really thought this was the year that we were going to skip winter. Oh well, off to get the snow tires on the mini this evening.

Help me out folks, I am really confused… When people speak of Leaf Nation, whom are they referring to??? In my mind, and you can call me crazy (mrs. TSM calls me way worse (just not in front of the kids)) Leaf Nation has you, and I…the ship of fools who follow the blue and white in everything they do. It is us who knows more about every player then Cliff Claven did on Jeopardy.

Since when did the media who covers the Leafs become part of Leaf Nation? Why is it that certain media are including their own as part of Leaf Nation. Personally I think the notion of Leaf Nation is stupid. Having said that, it is media created and usually is meant in a derogatory way to describe the die hard, all leaf all the time fans.

Cox, and Happy Howie have been taking shots recently at their fellow scribes along with us fans. We all know who the “good media” members are in this city, and which ones, ummmm, ahhhhh, aren’t. When did it become in vogue to lump the day to day media as one of US?

“They say what goes around will eventually come around, sooner or later. So maybe while Toronto defenceman Mike Van Ryn is rehabbing from that hit from behind that broke his nose, his finger, and left him with a concussion, he can hang with teammate Ryan Hollweg, who has perfected that hit.”

I have no problem with that as written by Mark Spector. The Village Idiot is no better then guy who hit Van Ryn, and to be honest when I heard the leaf brass talking about it, I thought the same thing, make sure you talk to Hollweg before spouting off about this hit.

““It is time for the NHL to punish careless players as severely as the dangerous ones,” began an article in Monday’s Globe and Mail, in the wake of Tom Kostopoulos’ hit on Van Ryn. The author noted with great consternation that (gasp) Luke Schenn was nearly injured on a dangerous play later in the game.”

I have no problem with either the quote or the article cited. However, it isn’t written by the fans. It was written by a colleague of Mark Spector’s at the Globe and Mail!

“Sure, the Leafs employed cheap-shot artist Darcy Tucker for eight seasons, and now have added a serial-offender in Hollweg. But when people start taking shots back at the Maple Leafs, you see headlines like the Globe’s: “Time to crack down on the careless.”

Once again, I have no problem with calling the organization hypocritical if you want to compare Darcy with others. We the fans don’t write the headlines or the stories Mark. We are stuck reading them just like you.

“Leafs Nation. It never ceases to amaze.”

There you have the source of my confusion. I get, and appreciate the humor in talking shit about the competition on both the fan and 640. To date it hasn’t been personal nor has it crossed the line. It is what we should expect. I get Cox blogging about the Globe’s piece on another team in Toronto (and no I refused to read yet another article today). Cox recently lit into the press that covers the team and Howie talked about 90% of the press covering the leafs as kool aid drinkers. Spector is now taking it even further. With the exception of Berger (who takes his kids to press boxes in foreign hockey cities and to Blue Jays game locally to cheer and hug) these guys aren’t supposed to cheer, they aren’t supposed to be fans. So if you, collectively that is, create a moniker for the fans, how do you start lumping the media into it?

You can read Spector here….

In case you didn’t see it, Smart Canucks ran a very nice piece about TSM this past Saturday. In case you haven’t frequented their site before, I highly recommend you do; it’s fantastic. Of all the sites I view on a regular basis it is by far the most valuable. Jim and Boo do an awesome job providing value to Canadians in an area where we are usually left behind.

Most recently their site posted a great upcoming promotion for shoppers drug mart. For whatever reason Shopper’s sent them a nasty cease and desist letter. Why I can’t begin to imagine. In a country of 30 million people, with all kinds of vertical competition, you would think this is the last thing shopper’s should be doing…. I for one can tell you I went to Walmart this weekend to buy all that I needed simple to support the cause.

You can read that review of TSM here, but check out their site daily for great stuff!

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