Blake, Hollweg, All We Need is Schepp

I know some folks out there don’t get the Blake bashing, and that is okay. Here is what drives me nuts about the guy. On this team of youngin, he is clearly a veteran, he should be a leader, his actions and words should be those in which you want the younger guys to emulate. His spouting off to the press yesterday is precisely not what you want the younger guys to see. If the guy has a problem, he should talk to the coach or his agent or the GM about it. To fly off the handle about it in the room just aint gonna cut it.

“Here’s what is going on, Mr. Blake. Coach Ron Wilson has urged you to drive harder to the net. After your inaugural banishment to the press box, you showed signs of doing it. But recently you have reverted back to your old ways, staying on the periphery, taking bad-angle shots and, judging by the fact you have scored just twice in 14 games, hitting the goalie in the logo more often than not.”

Mike Zeisberger nailed it with that comment. Not sure if anyone else heard Pierre McGuire on the Fan this am but he urged the Leafs to send him to the minors. Although he didn’t use the word (for obvious reasons), but it appears that Blake is starting to become a, ummmm, ahhhhh, dare I say “Cancer” in the room. Pierre said that the leafs have already waived Blake and they should stick him on the Marlies so he doesn’t disrupt what Cliff and Ron have going on up here…I totally agree.

Meanwhile, will someone please tell the Villiage Idiot to just shut up. The guys should just say no comment when asked about the Van Ryn hit. For him to say anything about the player who hit Van Ryn or the hit itself is totally inappropriate. Wilson appears to be making some headway in his play, he should tutor him in some media skills too. It is never the wrong thing to say no comment or that’s not for me to comment on.

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