Simmons and Cox, You know what they say about opinions???

i didn’t catch yesterday’s edition of the sports reporters, so I am not sure if Cox and Simmons were on together. You have to wonder though if these guys talk to each other.

Yesterday Simmons wrote a glowing piece about Cliff Fletcher. Today Damien blasted Fletcher. Clearly each guy has a bias of some sort, but man could they disagree more?

Personally, I think Cliff has done way more then anyone could have expected. The only was he could have done more is if the Muskoka 5 decided to play ball. It was there right not to, and he acted accordingly. Did he set this team to win the cup this year, NO, but that wasn’t his job. They are younger, cheaper and more eager. The team at least looks prepared which I can’t say about to many games in the past couple of years. Lastly, with the exception of Schenn, I don’t think too many guys were acquired with an eye to a cornerstone of the future, they are all assets for Burke to deal at some point.

I am in LA this week, so posting may be hard and at off times…
till then

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