Absent Burke- Not Much to Talk about

So out here in LA all my hockey news has to come from my laptop. Despite having a great hockey writer the LA times doesn’t really do that much. Anyways, if you take Brian Burke out of the equation you can see perhaps why the Leaf print media has been exceptionally bad this year. Without Grabovsky, there really is no story. So no matter what Damien has to say, Cliff and Ron by preparing the world with the doom and gloom predictions during training camp. Quite frankly, the nay sayers can’t say nay. The team isn’t doing much, and guess what, it wasn’t supposed to. Is there a story there??? Nope. There are no players appearing naked on the internet, there are no embarrassing blowouts at home, no dumb predictions that aren’t being followed. It’s pretty quiet. With the exception of Hanky, there aren’t any, count em 0 trade rumors about the Leafs.

The papers today, are brutal. Every article in sun that mentions the Leafs mentions Burke. Same with the Star. Only Tim Wharnsy article in the Globe didn’t! It’s a joke. The Sun spent a ton of dough on a new site, and to be honest it sucks (with all respect to Judge Smails). Is Damien going to write anything other then Burke? Hey I mean the Will Burke Replace the Training Staff story is an angle I haven’t read anywhere else yet. Over on the fan, Happy Howie is doing his best to keep the story alive too.

Is this what happens when we have too much coverage??? Personally I think it’s brutal. There has to be something in between what I see here in LA versus what we get there in Toronto.

Stay Tuned TSM fans, TSM is about to announce it’s newest blogger. I can tell you he has experience as an NHL player, coach and GM. He has also been a scout, director of player personnel too. He is currently with an NHL team and will be writing about hockey in general and his role.

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