Hanky vs. The Star- No Host For Football????

Ok sports fans- the issue of the former captain of the maple leafs who used to wear #13 is in the paper again….

in this corner, a cute little piece of poo, Mr. Hanky:

“Just talking to a source who has been so far very quiet on the Mats Saga….

“Mats is trying to return the first week in December.”


The Star, the paper that Damien built…

“Barry says Sundin will likely start skating before the end of November, making a mid-December return “a reasonable guesstimate.”

Call me crazy, but I am going to put my money on traditional media and bet on the star…..

Speaking of betting, Dave Perkins from the star has a little tip for those of you who like to bet on sports:

“the Maple Leafs, who can both score a little and not stop the opposition a lot, had gone “over” the total in nine consecutive games before Monday’s 3-2 loss to Boston. Many who like to play had noticed the trend.”

And the award for the story of the day, goes to David Grossman also of the star.. Can you imagine if the NCAA threw out bidding for an actual college football championship? Every city/stadium in the US could bid to host the game, how many applications do you think they would get??? How much money do you think would be part of those bids??? Rest assured that every major market who apply, the cold weather markets that had a dome included…It would generate huge bucks….

Well, here in Canada, the land of football prowess, the Vanier Cup did such a think and got 0 applications! No seriously, not one city bid on hosting the game. Now, I can’t make this stuff up….

“Marg McGregor, CEO of Canadian Interuniversity Sport, said yesterday she was disappointed by the lack of interest and has started looking at emergency options to be raised at a board of directors meeting next month in Ottawa.”It really does surprise me (that there were no offers) because I had expected interest from right across the country,” said McGregor, whose national organization staged the event until eight years ago when it offered the game to the highest bidder among the four regional university athletic associations.”

Emergency options, like what, paying a city to host the game??? Ummmm Marg, my brother has a huge backyard, it has a play structure on it right now, but for a couple hundred bucks a few buddies of mine will move it and you guys can play your game there…. No, wait that won’t work there aren’t goal posts….. hmmmm, I am sure one of the local high schools will let you play there…

“An announced crowd of 26,787, many benefiting from reduced-price or complimentary seats, saw Manitoba beat Saint Mary’s 28-14 at the Rogers Centre. “Now might be time for (the CIS) to take this over again,” McGregor said. “It’s not just for next year; we don’t have a home for the Vanier Cup for the next few years and that concerns me.”

I am sorry, this is too funny. I feel like I am watching an SCTV rerun…. They are joking right????

” This year’s game will be played Saturday at Hamilton’s Ivor Wynne Stadium, with the Laval Rouge et Or taking on the University of Western Ontario Mustangs. McGregor supports the idea of shuffling the season-ending finale across the country.”It’s not good for the game to be in the same venue each year and maybe a way to go is to partner with the CFL, she said.”

Or anyone else that will take us??? Someone who had to listen to Hogan today, please tell me that he talked about this with the Stache this am???? This had to be HUGE news on his show…Did he take bids or ask for donations on his show???

Now here is the line of the article:

“But McGregor quickly ruled out a partnership with the 2009 Grey Cup in Calgary. “We’d have to play on a Friday night and Calgary weather worries me – it’s not an attractive option,” she said.”

Wait, friends are telling me is it miserable in Toronto right now, can you tell me how Ivor Wayne Stadium in late November is “an attractive option”?????? No offense folks but there is not enough __________ in ________________ to get me to sit OUTSIDE in Hamilton to watch a Canadian College Football game, rouge or no rouge….

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