Reflections on Wendel’s Night

A wild night at the ACC. It started on a real high as Wendel’s number 17 was raised to the rafters. The place went nuts and was as loud as I have heard it in a long time. I didn’t hear any nay sayers around, perhaps they were just on the radio.

As for the game, the first period was awesome. After Grabovsky got mugged it was nice to see Pony at least try to stick up for him.

The game started to slip midway through the 2nd as it appeared as if the Leafs got tired. The D played pretty weak from the start of the third and got no support from the forwards. Every time a defenceman touched the puck in his own end all three forwards were already at the hawks blueline forcing a hailmarry pass which resulted in an odd man rush. Toskala wasn’t horrible but wasn’t great either.

For my 2 cents the Leafs badly miss a guy like Wendel. They have not one player who can play with any sandpaper. Not one guy who can actually skate has any toughness. Hollweig has a little toughness, but can’t play. That is the what I thought Mayers was going to bring, but he is pretty invisible.

One thing about this loss, it was exciting. The Leafs had a power play that was as good as I have seen in years. Both teams really skated hard and man can the hawks fly…

Did anyone elese hear Andy Frost propose a deal of Turco and Avery for toskla and Blake??? 😉

I have some photos from the wendel event will upload them tomorrow. To any naysayers out there I can tell you that players from both teams and the officials all went out of their way to shake his hand or give him a hug….that to me was the coolest part.

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