Schenn(Calder?) and Burke(2 the Habs?) in the Boston Globe

Two interesting quotes from today’s Boston Globe:

“Brian Burke’s stepping down as general manager in Anaheim was abrupt but not unexpected. Look for the ex-Boston agent to get into serious talks in Toronto this week about taking over the Leafs. If there is a hiccup (read: money too light), watch for either the Blackhawks or Senators to get after him. Total dark horse: Habs.”

Habs? Habs? Habs?? I have heard lots of dark horses, but the Habs???? That would shock the hell out of me.

“My early candidates for Rookie of the Year: Forwards Derick Brassard (Columbus) and Kris Versteeg (Chicago), and defensemen Drew Doughty (Los Angeles) and Luke Schenn (Toronto). All except Versteeg were first-rounders.”

Kevin Paul Dupont seems more impressed with Luke then most of the Toronto Sports Media is, are any of you surprised by that????

Read Kevin here

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