Trouble In Raptor Land

The honeymoon is waaaay over.The Raptors are 6-7. That is not what folks were expecting. Chris Bosch was clearly frustrated yesterdat as they got spanked at home by the champion celtics.

What probably hurt the most were comments by Kevin Garnett who said publicly that he knows how Chris feels, as this is how he felt in Minnesota before jumping ship….

I am not a basketball guy, but here is what I know, Colangelo set expectations high. The media and fans crowned this guy king. Even if hockey land in talking about the leafs, folks say the leafs need to find their Colangelo. Scotty Bowman was even quoted to have asked for a Colangelo type deal. All the “experts” claim that Burke will ask for Collangelo powers…

This is where Collangelo is going to earn his reputation. The team isn’t playing well, the franchise player won’t sit in team huddles on timeouts. With Rome burning all eyes will be on the GM and his coach and roster.

Take this to the bank, you will be hearing all week about Collangelo and the honeymoon being over.

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