Brady On Cox- Blowing Your Wad?? TSM with a Boob??

Wow- I think Brady saw my comment to LT….

“2. Interesting that the headline of the article is “Brian Burke A Leaf At Last”- yet, it reads:
“The wait is over. Brian Burke is set to become the new president and general manager of the Maple Leafs.

With only a few final details to be sorted out, none of which are viewed as deal-breakers, the deal is all but done.”

Huh??? Is Damien that much of a moron that he doesn’t know when something is done or not??”

Brady took it a tad further, which is friggin hilarious as he compared the headline to announcing to the fellas that you just had sex for the first time, and then the rest of the article to having to admit you didn’t cross the plate…..

His rant on the local media (did he really say “journalism” in the same sentence as Toronto and Sports) and the lack of quality therein was classic.

The reality remains, we get robbed in this town. I am not sure why we have to put up with such poor quality but it certainly is rampant! Nice to hear an actual member of the media carrying the torch as well..

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