Colaiacovo, Steen for Stempniak


Tough to make a call on this one….at least right now.  This is not like a trade deadline deal where one team gets a guy to put them over the hump for a cup run.  It’s a deal that involves 3 young players so it will be measured over the next couple of years vs. days or weeks.

One could argue that this deal did not (or should not) have to be made at this time.  It could be compared to selling a bank stock over the past few weeks….Would waiting it out and letting Colaiacovo and Steen show improved play net more in return?  Perhaps Wilson pushed to have these guys moved out to continue the process of clearing out the over-sold mediocrity that we’ve become accustomed to.  Were Steen and Colaiacovo part of the “complacent” crew that didn’t show enough passion or seem to care when not playing well?  Or is it simply that Fletcher had a chance to get “his guy” and pulled the trigger now…Who knows.  What I do know is that Steen has not proven to be a goal scorer or defensive shut down guy….in other words, not very useful.  In return, we got a player that is supposed to be an NHL caliber finisher.  Colaiacovo, who on numerous occasions showed promise, seemed to have his progression stunted each time he got hurt.  Or, based on the coach’s assessment not move forward because of conditioning…He may have been a thrown into the deal for Fletcher to get the guy he wanted.

If Steen and Colaiacovo continue on the path that they have been on over the past couple of years – this deal will prove to be a good one for the Buds…

Who should Stempniak play with?

I’m a Kulemin fan but he has not proven to be a finisher.  Grabovski would probably be leading the league in assists if Kulemin had more touch around the net.  Here is what the scouts said about Kulemin before the season.

“While Kulemin is unlikely to ever develop into a top line scoring sniper, his upside is that of a very capable third line checking forward who would also be able to fill in on the top lines in the case of injury.”

That plus what we’ve seen so far would suggest that Kulemin would be more suitable on our 3rd line with Stempniak taking over as right winger for Grabovski on the 2nd line.

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