Damien Responds to Greg Brady-TSM Goes Live…

OK- Brady was awesome…what was better was Damien calling in to respond:

Brady introduced Damien and asked why Damien was calling in, ” Well I had been Listening to your show, I think you guys do a great job (of course Brady through in a jab about The Fan probably talking about the Raptors) anyways i heard the the evil Damien cox thing and I found the discussion intriguing and I heard you make the good vs. bad journalism angle and in that spirit I thought I would call in because I don’t know you, we have never met and I thought I should at least give you the opportunity to ask me directly.”

Brady then asked “would you have written that headline?”

Damien said “I didn’t write it- but the facts are – I have talked to all the principals, we all know that during the deadline deals get completed before they get announced, so they too aren’t official until they too are official….there is an agreement between the leafs and Burke, we can dicker (nice word by Cox) over whether he has been signed or has been released- but there is nothing left to negotiate…”

Brady then went on to say that there are even according to Damien’s own article some issues to be resolved (emphasizing that the headline is misleading)Damien just wasn’t buying it “I have spoken to the principals there are no sticking points. What I don’t get is that I hear McKenzie and Dreger on your station saying the same thing yet I am evil Damien.”

Brady gave Damien lots of props (all of which are due, hey there is no way anyone else would have a)admitted they listened, b) called in) to which Damien said ” I am happy to tackle criticizing and I know lots of people criticize me but you can call me anytime and ask me directly about anything I write.”

Brady tried again to push the envelope on the headline issue and Cox finally at least kind of answered it ” Headlines are written fast, only so much space…it’s not that much different then radio or tv.” Cox did quickly go back to the Burke story at hand and say that “people don’t care about headlines and what they really care about is that he (Burke) is coming here and that is the key, the agreement basically is done. ” Funny the headline didn’t say that he is basically here though did it?

Brady asked Cox to comment on his quote that MLSE is a ridiculous organization (to be fair Brady said that Cox is probably the only guy in the city who can say that without any real bias) – ” This is a chance for MLSE to get it right- Burke not perfect- Burke represents a chance to put the franchise on the best footing since Quinn reported to Stavros.”

Brady then asked Cox what the headline will be when the deal really is done to which Damien laughed and said that it would hopefully be whatever Burke said he was going to do as the new gm.”

I will say it again, good on Damien for calling in. I am impressed (and that says a lot). Kudos to Brady for calling out the article, the headline was brutal. This race to be first is a joke. No one broke this story, its a tie.

For those who listened in this afternoon- you may have caught yours truly on with Brady shamelessly plugging this spot and of course http://www.firehowardberger.com ….It was good fun and of course awesome radio…

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