Tuesday With Damien- Could Eugene Be The Fly

As we told you yesterday, Brian Burke did not make it to TO as was predicted in the Star yesterday. In any event, Damien’s blog is the usual shot at the Leafs and MLSE, but there is one gem to remember, for rest assured it will be contradicted very, very soon:

“That’s okay. This is what was expected, and rabid Leaf fans just got a little excited, thinking Luke Schenn and Mikhail Grabovski were good enough that the team would get to skip three or four steps on the route back to competitiveness.”

This “this” that he is referring to is the recent cold spin the club has run into… The funny thing is that I don’t know one person who thought we were going to skip any steps. To me the scary thing is that it’s a good thing Toskala is not playing like Toskala of old becuase if he was, eeks, this team could be in a playoff situation…….

Meanwhile, all appears on track with Burke there is great unrest coming from Ottawa. The Globe this morning wonders whether either Steve Yzerman or Pierre McGuire could be lured to take the reins from Bryan Murray… My question is, could Sens owner get his ultimate wish and take the man the Leafs covet so badly?? With Rome burning all around the Sens (sorry for the pun), it is hard to imagine the thought hasn’t crossed Eguene’s mind…ya think that would be sweat justice for him???

You can read the piece in the Globe here….

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