Brady and Cox redux

In case you missed it, Brady is replaying the cox interview…of course you could listen to the golf channel guy on PTS

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Mike S
Mike S
November 26, 2008 11:28 pm

Did anyone else hear Brady say today that the reason why he lost his job last year was because of the Detroit ecenomy?…………….looks like his ego is alive and wel these days………….maybe instead of constantly slagging McCown he should look in a mirror.

November 26, 2008 11:28 pm

Indeed I heard him say that…..

November 27, 2008 7:09 am

Uh-oh, 2nd anti-Brady post from Mike S. in 2 days. I smell an inside job from somewhere!

November 27, 2008 9:48 am

Mike S. – glad to know you are a fan. When you get a radio show, I promise to pull a Cox and call in. I’m my own harshest critic and look in the mirror plenty, and sleep well at night knowing I’m trying as hard as I can to be good at this, and make a living.

I know I’m very lucky to get to do this for a living, and like a lot of cool jobs – timing is everything. Getting cleaned out last year by Clear Channel was a gift, timing-wise, because if it happened this year, some other slappy would be working with Bill.

As for your suggestion, the economy had nothing to do with it, I can handle that. They let our entire morning show of 3 people go – who had 32 years combined experience in that building. The three of us in a very unclassy move were all fired into a room and terminated AT THE SAME TIME. We were three people out of 29 that Clear Channel Detroit let go that day, six weeks before the Christmas holidays.

I can tell you I’m not bitter…I miss doing the show with the guys, but it landed me in a world-class city, where I can take a train into work and skip driving, and my wife and I are a lot closer to more lifelong friends. Always a soft spot for Detroit after nine years there, but Toronto’s where my heart beats now, and being back in Canada does feel amazing.

Maybe you don’t read the business section too much, or have RRSPs or 401K to worry about, but there’s been a bit of an economic downturn. It makes the news every once in a while. And Detroit is in awful, awful, awful shape. Visit there. You’ll feel the despair of some really good people and families.

I’m only hoping upon hope my new neighbours in Oshawa don’t see the same despair in each other’s faces for new long with the auto industry collapsing. But again – your opinion is your opinion.

As for “calling out” the people you suggest I called out. Bruce Garrioch has been on the show a few times, but he has missed the boat on more than a few trades, including an Ottawa-Chicago trade he said was DONE. It never happened and both GMs denied it was going to. Al Strachan, according to anyone you ask, made up the Vinny LeCavalier story on HNIC the other night SIMPLY to get Vinny to call him back because Strachan’s calls were not being returned. Strachan has proven lately to be unreliable and unethical. I can ignore that if you want from now on. And I like Steve Simmons a lot – and my 2nd week here, went up and told him how entertaining I find his stuff. Similar to Damien – I don’t have to agree, but I always read it.

Strange that seemingly you can’t stand me, but you always seem to know what’s happening on the show. There’s some symmetry there. Always enjoy the TSM site. It’s trying to keep the media honest in this town, and when I have stepped out of line, it’s done it to me. I hope I get castigated again. It’s a good reality check. Happy US Thanksgiving and Burkeapalooza Saturday, everyone.


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