Nuclear Winter For Jays Fans

The Consensus is in, this is going to be a long, hard winter for Blue Jays fans. Everywhere you turn these days we are seeing signs, evidence that the econodisaster is going to result in less money for JP to spend which equates to fewer changes to the Jays roster. No matter the publication the story is the same and no matter how you dice it, that’s bad news. 2 things strike me as odd, 1. With little to no buzz to build on, how are the Jays going to sell tickets and 2. If this is the case why would Beeston agree to take this job.

First number 2. Paul Beeston has been happily retired for some time. He needed this interim Jays gig like he needed a hole in the head. Friends tell me they see Beeston enroute to the Ted as early as 7:00am. I can’t imagine that he would agree to take the reigns (even if on a temporary basis) to be the mastermind behind a cost cutting operation. The guy pretty much went out on top and if this team is as bad as many predict why would he want to be associated with that. Lastly on this point, how is he going to find a quality president when the payroll is being slashed? All questions that don’t make a ton of sense…

As for number 1, Absent a few moves Jays tickets are going to be in less demand this year then in a LONG time. Yes they finished well with Cito. Problem is, if AJ leaves and is not adequately replaced the media is going to be all over the jays from every negative angle possible. This will have a devastating effect on ticket sales. The vicious cycle will begin.

Griffin, Elliott et all have all chimed in on this. From where we sit right now things look bleak, very very bleak…I am still holding out hope for the Beeston factor….

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