A Very Brady Thanksgiving!

So sports fans, its early Thanksgiving Thursday, and MRS TSM is PISSED at me…. I mean PISSED…MRS TSM is American not to be confused with a merkin and this is the first time in her life she hasn’t been in the good old US of A for turkey day (she hates turkey by the way…) I am not sure why she is pissed at me, she decided not to go because her family isn’t going to be around, and me, well the fellas over at PPP give me too much crap as it is for galavanting around the world…

In any event, As you know, Greg Brady, up the dial at 640 waxed poetically about the state of journalism (chaos is the state by the way) here in Toronto the other day when the Star’s headline stated that Burke was finally a maple leaf despite the fact that the accompanying article by Damien said a deal wasn’t done… Damien called in to Brady which made for good radio and then yours truly called in which made for awesome radio as Brady was a good sport and let me ramble on (traffic to firehowardberger has tripled since the call!.

I of course covered all the nuttiness here on TSM and some of you have chimed in including Mike S who has been “opinioned” on Mr. Brady, which is always welcomed here at TSM, especially if not personal attacks…

Brady, as he has before took the time out of his drive to the US of A to respond to those comments and for those of you who don’t always read the comments on a story I thought I would put a link here so you can read the response. My favorite part is:

“I can tell you I’m not bitter…I miss doing the show with the guys, but it landed me in a world-class city, where I can take a train into work and skip driving, and my wife and I are a lot closer to more lifelong friends. Always a soft spot for Detroit after nine years there, but Toronto’s where my heart beats now, and being back in Canada does feel amazing. Maybe you don’t read the business section too much, or have RRSPs or 401K to worry about, but there’s been a bit of an economic downturn. It makes the news every once in a while. And Detroit is in awful, awful, awful shape. Visit there. You’ll feel the despair of some really good people and families.”

Me? I will go back to wondering where exactly I am going to sleep tonight as a night on the couch is apparently in my future…

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The Meatriarchy
November 27, 2008 7:55 pm

You can come over to my house in the country and watch the game on the 42 inch plasma.

Then after we can take the old pickup truck out and find a gravel pit to go drinkin’ in.

November 27, 2008 9:56 pm

LOL- thanks!

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