Canadian Media vs. Politics

Nealio sent this along and it makes me almost embarrassed to be a Canadian… I am not sure which is worse, the fact this happened or the fact it aired….


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November 28, 2008 12:27 am

Lol…it’s terrible for both reasons for sure…like I said earlier I know it was filmed before our recent election but after you put up that vid of Palin I just had to go back to that Dion one.

You know when you think about it, perhaps all the media coverage these wannabe’s get is a great thing after all because it’s these highlight reels that really make the voters think twice about who the hell they are going to pick as their leaders.

Back to the Leafs though, not sure what everyone else thought of the game but I would argue this was probably the best 65 mins. of hockey Toskala has played this season (not to take away from Auld who played a good game too). Too bad we couldn’t put a couple more away in the shootout and win that game though…
Oh, does anyone think Devaux will stick around for a significant amount of time? He didn’t look too out of place to me for the almost 12 mins he played total ice time. Only 1 registered hit though? I’m sure there were more…

SO who wants to bet the first word out of everyone’s mouth tomorrow starts and ends with Burke. Your post earlier TSM about it just proves again clearly that the pathetic lengths all these media outlets/writers/columnists go to, to be the supposed first to break this story knows no bounds…

November 28, 2008 12:30 am

of course it will be, Sportsnet tonight had a poll, what should Burke do first Trade Blake, sign sundin etc…..

As for the game, I am surprised Wilson didn’t have Devaux on the PP at the end, they needed a guy to park it in front of the net…

Toskala was awesome, and I am just curious who has worse hands, Antropov or my 10 year old dog Harley…

Eggbert aka Guy Trottier
Eggbert aka Guy Trottier
November 28, 2008 3:11 am

Apparently I joined the forum as( Eggbert)
just say no to drugs kids…..anyway,watching this clip brought forth an epiphany,the Burke buzz reminds me of the Obama buzz,there I said it.

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