Is Bobby Clarke Well?

No seriously folks, did anyone hear him on TSN last night??? Rick Ralph over at the fan was playing the clip on his long updates this am. For those of you who didn’t the guy actually had the balls to express concern about Burke coming to Toronto because, get this, Burke and Wilson may take away from the media presence of the players and the players may not like that! What a joke! He then said that Wilson has already started this trend (by being more of the story then his players) and Burke could make it worse. Clarke did say that he wasn’t sure this actually would be a problem because Burke was a bright guy…..

Ok folks, on this thanksgiving day, I am not sure where to begin with this (as my 6 year old would say) TURKEY BRAIN!!!! In your lives have you ever seen a bigger media whore then Bobby Clarke???? Think about his career only as an executive with the Flyers and other team, did anyone love the spotlight more as a GM then he did? He was the story when he was in Florida. He was the Story in Philadelphia. For him to suggest this could be problematic is way beyond the pot calling the kettle black…. What he should have said was ” If they wanted a real GM they should have hired me”. I would have a hell of a lot more respect for that honesty then this…….

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