E.J. Hradek Calls Out Mats Sundin

I, am sure none of your are surprised, am in total agreement with everything written here as ESPN’s Senior Hockey writer included Sundin on his list of this years Turkeys:

“The big Swede is/was a terrific player and I’d love to see him come back and play. But, I’m a little confused. At last season’s trade deadline, he said he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause because he didn’t believe in the idea of joining a team for just the stretch run. He went a step further, talking about the “entire journey” that means “October through June.” I guess he’s changed his mind about that. He’s certainly entitled to change his mind, but I think hockey fans (and writers) are entitled to get tired of waiting for him to make a decision. Sundin’s agent, J.P. Barry, says there are a dozen teams interested in his client. I believe that. I also believe Sundin only wants to go to two or three cities. I figure New York and Montreal remain at the top of his list, if he ever decides to come back. I guess time will tell. I guess …”

It is J.P Barry’s job to drum up interest in his client. i am convinced that every time we hear a peep about Sundin it is his agent trying to keep his client’s name alive….

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