Fletcher: No Plans To Meet Sundin

Just suffered through the end of the Thursday night NFL game to hear what TSN had to say about Cirque De Burke and tonight’s Bud battle with the sens (ugly uniforms batman!)…. Dreger just said again, no deal has been signed (but it will be tomorrow…PHEW). He also said that he had talked to Cliff Fletcher who said that contrary to printed/published reports he has NO plans to meet with Sundin while in LA…

Once again someone has some splanin to do! Raise your hands if you think his agent is trying to drum up interest.

I know many of you want Sundin back but I just can’t see it happening for any plausible reason. While Cliff may have an attachment to him (and that doesn’t convince me he wants him back) I am sure Wilson doesn’t have an attachment and more positive that Burke (armed with his autonomy clause) has even less… As Kipper and Stellick said during tonight’s game why bring him back so they finish 8 points higher??? It makes no sense…It goes against everything they have tried to do so far…..

I still say a lot of this talk is agent driven….

For those who watched the game, any chance we can trade Vesa tomorrow? Man was he awesome tonight. Did anyone else think Antropov has hands of stone? How many times did the guy miss- not come close- but completely miss????

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