Fortune Cookies For Burke- Who’s In

“He also has a romantic side. When Burke was courting his wife, he sent her a box of fortune cookies with the fortune inside: “You are falling in love with Brian Burke,” and later sent another batch that read: “You are going to marry Brian Burke.”

Ok- TSM is going to send him a case with “you are going to win a stanley cup in Toronto”

Who is in?


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    Great idea but leaves wiggle room.
    A. he could go to another team 6 years( or earlier) from now and that team could meet and beat the leafs in the final at the ACC
    B. He gets fired and Balsille hires him to run the second GTA franchise and he wins with them.

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    torontosportsmedia 11 years ago

    LOL, thanks for my much needed late Friday morning laugh…

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    Oh and I am in if you want to get this going on behalf of the Barilkosphere