The Cupboard Might Not Be Completely Bare

by LT
We heard the saying on numerous occasions last year and through the off season that the Maple Leafs cupboard is bare…meaning, no young talent on the team or in the system to draw on for future success…a bleak outlook to say the least.
I’m not suggesting that it’s time to add some veteran talent as last pieces of the puzzle to win the cup – of course not. But there are some encouraging signs at the quarter pole.  We do have some vs. no young talent.
See below, TSN’s Rookie Power Ranking as of November 25th….We have 3-players in the top 20.  Do we have a franchise player on the list, no.  But this picture certainly looks better than it did 12 months ago.  And, not included is Luke Schenn….who I think we can all agree is a promising young defenceman.  Add to that Lee Stempniak (not a rookie) and you really start to appreciate the work that Cliff Fletcher has done in a short period of time with his hands tied by the no-movement-clause brigade (I refuse to call them the Muskoka 5).

Again, this post is not to suggest that the re-build is complete – simply that we are thankfully starting to see a ray of hope and that Cliff has done a decent job.  Over to Burke to do what he can to turn a few other Vets into talent for the future.


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November 28, 2008 12:21 pm

Interesting how different perspective can be. If you read damien this am, he has a totally different take then you do. “Cliff Fletcher may have done a few helpful things over the past 10 months, but he didn’t start the rebuilding process in earnest. Indeed, he has traded away draft picks for older, marginal players, leaving the club with only five picks in next June’s draft and five the year after.Luke Schenn is the club’s only “A” prospect at any level. Burke and David Nonis, likely to be named the club’s vice-president and director of player personnel, are taking on a mammoth job with few assets.”

I wrote much earlier on how few of the current players will be around when this team turns the page, I am starting to think I was way off- the number is probably under 5.

November 28, 2008 5:18 pm

I’m inclined to buy into the “glass is half empty” argument.Five might be a tad low,but only by a couple.Did anyone catch the invoking of the Burke/Moore scenario on sportsnet last night?
Kypreos was right in dismissing it

November 28, 2008 5:43 pm

Given his track record, I have no idea why anyone would turn to Cox for any insight, let alone facts.

The Leafs do have five picks next year, but it should be noted that Fletcher only traded one of those picks – a second rounder for Schenn (a move Cox called for the franchise to make and then lambasted them for it a few days later).

The other draft pick that’s missing is the 4th round pick which was traded by JFJ in the Toskala deal.

In 2010, the Leafs are without a 2nd round pick, which was dealt for Grabovski (a trade I was down on at the time, but it certainly looks like a great move now. How many 2nd rounders will make the show, let alone be a top six forward?) . Fletcher also dealt the team’s 4th round in the McCabe salary dump (another move that Cox called for and then shat on a few days later).

Cox is the only man I know that would judge a water filtration system by the sewage that flows into it. Why people continue to read his misanthropic misinterpretations is beyond me.

November 28, 2008 5:47 pm

this might be the best comment i’ve ever seen

“Cox is the only man I know that would judge a water filtration system by the sewage that flows into it. ”

brilliant mf37

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