Well???? We Are Waiting

You see this is why the media blew the story. Between the coup in the Canadian government, the unrest / terrorist situation in Mumbai I have been waiting around all day for final confirmation that Brian Burke picked up his pen and signed the deal. So far, as of 4:30 no one , aside from Simmons as said that in fact Burke has done so…. There has been no announcement, no leaked announcement nadda. We are getting all kinds of junk about what he is going to do, what he isn’t going to do. Most of the guru’s are blessing the choice only two that I know of (Marty York and Mike Hogan) have been asking why….

So the question of the day is, who, or whom is hanging out at the airport hoping to grab the first photo or quote from Burke when he arrives? I wouldn’t put it beyond Berger to be waiting at the airport in Boston, no joke. Can’t you picture Happy Howie greeting Burke at the gate in his latest Argyle sweater and Dan Marino jersey??? You know you can!

TSM will continue to monitor the situation…so far, nadda!

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