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Very few things make me nauseous. This one thing that I saw made me ill enough to the point that I have taken some time today to contemplate stop writing. You see I do this to blow off some steam. It is a great distraction from the regular rigors of daily life and I really love writing. I find the fact that a few people enjoy what I have to say the ultimate compliment. When the happy howie issue came to fruition a few weeks ago, I was honored to be included in the group who drafted the email that was posted all over. The good folks at PPP, He Score He Shoot, Down Goes Brown, Eye, Cox (and more, sorry if I left you out) have been at this longer then I , and then again, who the hell am I???? My point is that the one thing I admire about the NHL these days is the adaptation of technology and in a lot of major markets the blogosphere. As much as I loathe Hanky, he is a perfect example of the appetite for hockey info online. There are so many great fan sites out there that pay tribute to our teams, our games, it really is a great online world we live in.

The best thing about the web is that it really is the world wide web, and anyone, anywhere can post an opinion. So, what has me sick? Well, when a person allegedly prey’s on young children, takes kids from their families and has the type of reputation that a certain individual has (irrespective of a recent court finding) it makes me sick to see that this person is writing a blog about hockey. Yes folks, a colleague was kind enough to forward to me a link to David Frost’s hockey blog and I have been sick ever since.

There are folks out there I don’t know and don’t like. There are folks out there I do know and don’t like. Perhaps I don’t like too many people. I don’t know Dwayne or Hanky. I don’t like that he posts constant crap on his sight (him personally, not some of the other writers on his site). I don’t like Howie’s writing either, but I don’t know him either. I dislike his writing because I think he is a fraud. I think he wears Maple Leaf boxers, sleeps on a bed with Maple Leaf sheets and has photos of himself with his favorite buds all over his house. I think he is a fraud because the negativity he spews isn’t genuine. I think he does it to keep up with the Cox’s and the Simmons in this town. I have nothing against the person as I don’t know him.

I don’t know David Frost (thankfully). I have read way too much about the guy and have formed an opinion of him that I am sure you all can guess. We in this country (whichever North American one you likely live in) enjoy freedom of press and freedom of expression. I know that very well, but for some reason the fact that this guy is writing about hockey is driving me nuts. Is it that one of his former players is serving time for trying to kill him? Oh wait, that player is featured on the blog. Yup there is Frosty’s favorites (which gives me all kinds of disgusting thoughts) and Danton’s den. I am curious is that the den from which he allegedly tried to have Frost offed or the jail cell he is currently living in?

The guy is trying to be controversial. He is going to try and get idiots like me to write about him so that others will go to the site and read what he has to say. More so you can bet he is going to profit from it. So I am not going to provide you a link and I am not going to give you the address. This is not the traffic crash you have to look at. Like the famous line in the Naked Gun movie…move along there is nothing to see here. The site was registerd on the 19th of this month. Maybe I am late to the game. Others will write about it. Others will print it. You decide if you want to look, me, one look and I am done…. Who knows, I am sure this is exactly the type of blogger that would fit in well with Hanky…

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