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Wade Belak Traded

To Nashville for Nick Tarnasky.... Belak's wife must be pissed! www.tsn.ca for more [...]
Bills Fans Better Get Used To Being Disapointed

Bills Fans Better Get Used To Being Disapointed

So, a couple of Bills fans have 1000 signatures to try to get the Ted's roof opened up for the Bills/Dolphins game. Too bad the roof is locked and Jo [...]

A Very Brady Thanksgiving!

So sports fans, its early Thanksgiving Thursday, and MRS TSM is PISSED at me.... I mean PISSED...MRS TSM is American not to be confused with a merkin [...]

Is Bobby Clarke Well?

No seriously folks, did anyone hear him on TSN last night??? Rick Ralph over at the fan was playing the clip on his long updates this am. For those o [...]

A Holiday Wish

To all of you south of the border, or those north, east or west of it who are celebrating Thanksgiving today the folks at TSM wish you and your famili [...]

Poll of the Day- Andre Deveaux Jeresey Number

The Maple Leafs have called up Andre Deveaux. I am not sure what I love more about this guy, the fact that he plays hockey and calls the Bahamas home [...]

Nuclear Winter For Jays Fans

The Consensus is in, this is going to be a long, hard winter for Blue Jays fans. Everywhere you turn these days we are seeing signs, evidence that th [...]

Brady and Cox redux

In case you missed it, Brady is replaying the cox interview...of course you could listen to the golf channel guy on PTS [...]

Maple Leaf Giving Media the Finger

I meant to write about this last week, but with all the other stuff going on I forgot. In any event, the Jeff Finger story is one to watch and keep u [...]
Cirque De Burke

Cirque De Burke

Some things that amused me this am... 1. Did anyone catch Cox on TSN last night before the Thrashers game? The host did refer to him as the Devil Co [...]

Jeff Blair on Burke- A Great Read

So Jeff Blair is now mr. versitile. He wrote a Raptors piece earlier this week and now he has hit a homer in his coverage of the Burke story: "Sorti [...]

Damien Responds to Greg Brady-TSM Goes Live…

OK- Brady was awesome...what was better was Damien calling in to respond: Brady introduced Damien and asked why Damien was calling in, " Well I had [...]

Brady On Cox- Blowing Your Wad?? TSM with a Boob??

Wow- I think Brady saw my comment to LT.... "2. Interesting that the headline of the article is “Brian Burke A Leaf At Last”- yet, it reads: “The wai [...]
Forget Burke, We got a Boob!

Forget Burke, We got a Boob!

So watch the girl behind the umpire, you may need to watch it a few times, but man this is why baseball is America's game! [...]

Cujo In, Lee??? Not sure, Burke- Not Yet

According to sportsnet Cujo is in nets tonight vs. the Thrashers as for Lee Stempniak, we aren't sure yet as (stop laughing) Carlo and Alex haven't ye [...]

Tuesday With Damien- Could Eugene Be The Fly

As we told you yesterday, Brian Burke did not make it to TO as was predicted in the Star yesterday. In any event, Damien's blog is the usual shot at [...]

Colaiacovo, Steen for Stempniak

By LT Tough to make a call on this one….at least right now.  This is not like a trade deadline deal where one team gets a guy to put them over the h [...]

Another New Blogger

Hey TSM'ers, happy to report that I have a new beat reporter of my own here at TSM. LT has kindly offered to help pick up the slack and keep you ente [...]
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