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All Lee Stempniak….

All Lee Stempniak….

Once again a hot issue occurs, and TSM is going to take you around the globe (not Globe) for your reading pleasure: Mike Brophy over at Sportsnet, pr [...]

Lee Stempniak~ Potential Sniper- Brian Burke Update

I had the chance to talk to a NHL scout this afternoon. It was a funny conversation in that when I asked him about Lee Stempniak he had no clue why I [...]

Cliff Pulls The Trigger

Carlo Colaiacovo and Alex Steen are gone to St. louis for: Lee Stempniak Lee Stempniak Forward Born Feb 4 1983 -- West Seneca, NY Height 5.11 -- Wei [...]

Barnum, Bailey & The NHLPA

I really thought that with Paul Kelly taking over the NHLPA the circus days were behind the union. No matter what these guys seem to do, the sideshow [...]

Trouble In Raptor Land

The honeymoon is waaaay over.The Raptors are 6-7. That is not what folks were expecting. Chris Bosch was clearly frustrated yesterdat as they got sp [...]

Wade Belak Waived….Is This The End?

Does this sound at all familiar to you? "Belak's minutes are way down, he only played six-plus minutes last night and didn't get in at all in the thi [...]

Schenn(Calder?) and Burke(2 the Habs?) in the Boston Globe

Two interesting quotes from today's Boston Globe: "Brian Burke's stepping down as general manager in Anaheim was abrupt but not unexpected. Look for [...]

Reflections on Wendel’s Night

A wild night at the ACC. It started on a real high as Wendel's number 17 was raised to the rafters. The place went nuts and was as loud as I have he [...]
Remembering Wendel Clark

Remembering Wendel Clark

This was perhaps the best game I have ever been to live. It is also the defining moment in Wendel Clark's career. Take a look and cheer loud for the [...]

back from la

Sorry nothing of interest today...I thought damiens article about control was nuts....name one sports owner who doesn't have some degree of say in wha [...]

Brian Burke, Maple Leafs Making Serious Progress- Damien

"Brian Burke could be in charge of the Maple Leafs by Sunday. It could take a little longer, but talks between the former Anaheim GM and the Leafs, or [...]

Ron Wilson Just Plain Gets It

Perhaps you have all seen this quote before, but I hadn't and Damien has it on his ESPN post: "Every single day, you ask the same questions. You know [...]

Hanky vs. The Star- No Host For Football????

Ok sports fans- the issue of the former captain of the maple leafs who used to wear #13 is in the paper again.... in this corner, a cute little piece [...]

Absent Burke- Not Much to Talk about

So out here in LA all my hockey news has to come from my laptop. Despite having a great hockey writer the LA times doesn't really do that much. Anywa [...]

McKenzie says Leafs and Burke are talking

No offer made yet, however the talks are talking parameters of the deal. How funny would it be if this all went down without a hitch. I mean you jus [...]

If Nothing Else Give Doug Gilmour Credit

He may never amount to much as a coach, however Doug Gilmour deserves a lot of credit for taking a job as a head coach in the OHL with Kingston. To g [...]

Simmons and Cox, You know what they say about opinions???

i didn't catch yesterday's edition of the sports reporters, so I am not sure if Cox and Simmons were on together. You have to wonder though if these [...]

More on Brian Burke- Prime Time Sports Jumped The Shark?

Don't you love the talking heads complaining about the crazyness the Burke story has taken on? I mean clealy it is started by you and I, the fans. W [...]

All Brian Burke- Know This It’s All About The $

Had enough time to digest yet??? Sick of Brian Burke talk???? If you are, allow me to suggest a few places other then here (Toronto) that you should [...]
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