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Could Manny Ramirez Be A Blue Jay?

In talking to a colleague today, I posed the question, if Ted Roger's said, this is the year, go for it, how much do you need and what do you spend it [...]

Bill Clement Good Perspective On The Leafs

Funny how a national writer (or in this case international) can have such good perspective when his local beat writer counterpart can be so out to lun [...]

Marty York on Gillick and #13

Give him credit, when Marty York bangs the drum, he does it loudly and consistantly. He has been talking about Pat Gillick returning to the Blue Jays [...]

Cliff Fletcher Reiterates The Plan- Fire Berger Update

""We are not about to go and get any short-term help to get us into the playoffs," the Leafs general manager said." I guess until the deadline passes [...]

Jays trying to deal Overbay?

Reports out of Seattle are that the Blue Jays have shown a willingness to trade first baseman Lyle Overbay -- a native of Centralia, Wash. -- to the M [...]

How GMs Deal with the Daily Beat Writers

By: Neil Smith One of the many parts of the role of the General Manager, Coach or player for a National Hockey League team is dealing with the daily [...]

Election Day 2008

To our friends south of the border and those US passport carrying residents of Canada, we hope that there is an incident free day and that the electio [...]

Getting Serious With Happy Howie

I have a new favorite website. It used to be mccabe sucks. It has now been replaced by: http://www.firehowardberger.com/ Sign up, pass it along to [...]

Daunte Culpepper…..Quote of the Month

Ok, so it's only the 3rd day of the month.... "As a result of doing some research on different places to play," Culpepper wrote in his e-mail, "the D [...]

Courtnall For Kordic Redeux- And Milbury on the ball

Good article in the Sun today about the Russ Courtnall for John Kordic trade...: “People were obsessed about Kordic - Courtnall,” Stellick says. “It [...]

Simmon’s Quote Of The Day…

"Why Ron Wilson is the coach of the month in the NHL: Name another coach who has fixed two teams, one by arriving and one by departing" Classic! [...]

It Was Due to Happen

Barring another comeback tonight, the Buds have themselves to blame for a road loss that was their's for the tacking. Poor decison making lead to pen [...]

FUN…..This Team Is Fun!

Eat your heart out Howie, Maybe this team won't make the playoffs, maybe we fans our losers, maybe managment is selling hope.... One thing I know, th [...]
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