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A Happy 2009 To All-

A Happy 2009 To All-

May All Our Draft Picks Be First Rounders, and each of those turn to be Franchise Players. May Our Team treat us as we have treated them May Our Media [...]

Canada vs. USA @ the WJC

What an amazing game. This was one worth watching again. I hope these two teams meet in the finals. Kudos to Pat Quinn for keeping the kids focused [...]

On Trading Sean Avery

Spoke to Neil Smith this am about this, from a logistics perspective only. So the Stars could waive Avery, he would clear. They would then recall him [...]

Cujo’s Last Stand

Richard Griffin, the Star's baseball guru writes a nice piece on the Leafs game last night and echos many of the same thoughts about the meaning of Cu [...]

Gagne out in Philly Cue the Antropov Rumors

Gagne was driven hard into the boards by defenseman Kevin Bieksa and didn't return after being diagnosed with an undisclosed upper body injury. Gagne, [...]

Wilbur’s Trade Proposal- Would You take Avery?

So Wilbur had an interesting thought tonight on his radio program. Trade Blake to Dallas for Avery and a second round pick. Wilbur also thought ther [...]

Congrats to Cujo

Hats off and a bow to Cujo...450 wins is a nice accomplishment. Good game for the buds, I was watching the game over at CP's pad and you could tell t [...]

Holiday Gifts For All In Toronto Sports

LT posted this while I was away. However I think in the spirit of the holiday's it needs to be reposted. Here are our gifts to all those in the Toro [...]

Message Abound In Leaf Camp

So everywhere folks are looking for signs that the Leafs have a GM. Brian Burke seems to be as elusive as the current American Presidential tandem of [...]

The Answer to Burke’s Dilemma: Rule 66

Everyone has written on the topic…especially our esteemed Toronto media who are lazy and write about it repeatedly (with no new info/angle)…..How do t [...]

Quinn to Ottawa?? Golden Chance

Back in the saddle folks...hats off to LT for filling in. Will post more about my trip later. On westjet this am I caught Sens coach Craig hartsburg [...]

Leafs Injury Update

TSN is reporting that... Matt Stajan will be out at least a week with an eye injury, he will be seen by doctors on Monday. He was hit by a soccer bal [...]

Tis The Season…

Tis the season so we thought the TSM faithful could compile a list of gift wishes for our favorite sports personalities….TSM and I will kick things of [...]

Punctuation Mark Change Please

By LT My previous post subject line should have had an exclamation mark instead of a question mark. Wow, that was a tough one to watch....In fairnes [...]

Toskala Not Ready To Play Tonight?

According to Sportsnet, Toskala will not play tonight...So, who plays? LT [...]

Congrats Pogge…

By LT Congrats to Pogge on his first NHL win...Does he get another start? According to coach Wilson, "In my mind it's a one-game situation"...oh wel [...]

Hope All Is Well

all is great here, I would safe that at least half the ship is from the GTA area...Its pretty funny, I saw a guy get hazed for wearing a senators hat! [...]

Berger…I Couldn’t Resist

By LT I stopped reading Berger's blog for a while....I turned to it today to see what the boy was up to....His December 20 post is fantastic....click [...]

Nice Work TSM…Pogge v. Thrashers

By LT Ya think TSM got out of town in the nick of time? He escaped early on Friday and is missing wave two today....He left me the keys to the blog - [...]
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