All Plaxico Burress- NFL Player shoots himself

Not sure how many of you heard about this. NFL player Plaxico Burress was at a club this past weekend when he accidently shot himself. That is right, he was at a nightclub when he shot himself. So we are clear, this married athtlete with kids was in a nightclub with a loaded weapon and then shot himself.

Wouldn’t we like to believe that the guy is smart enough to know that any place he goes where he has to bring a gun is a place he probably shouldn’t be going. So I don’t seem as anti-gun as I am, allow me to make this clear:

He has a right to own a gun
He has a right to protect himself at his home
He can carry a gun while out as long as he has the right permit
Why he is in a place where he feels he needs a gun is one thing
Why he is in a place where he feels needs a loaded gun is quite another
Why he is carrying a loaded gun is another thing

According to keyshawn johnson, current broadcaster, former nfl player, at least 50% of NFL players carry guns.

As Dan Patrick said this am, if I feel that I have to carry a loaded gun to my Applebys then maybe, just maybe I am choosing to go to a different Applebys.

Classic in ever sense of the world.

I say once again, and I know I shouldn’t generalize, however, IN GENERAL there is no dumber being on this planet then the professional athlete…..

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