One Day in, so far so good

First an ESPN writer calls him a turkey then Brian Burke throws a little cold water on his return to Toronto, here is hoping EYE has a bottle of rolaids or tums near his bed…. This couldn’t have been what J.B. Barry was hoping for as the Leafs brass heads out west. I loved his line about not wanting to make a comment about Burke’s comment and spoil Burke’s big day….CLASSIC……

Burke, in today’s paper said the right thing about Sundin, “I think it’s my job to determine, a, if he has interest, and, b, the cost,” Burke said. “Then, and only then, can I decide if it makes sense.” After how many questions on the same subject do you think it took for Burke to have to finally provide that gem??

JFJ, if you recall threw cold water on Gilmour while sitting at the table with Richard Peddie the day he was announced. His relationship with the media and fans never really recovered. Both smelt inexperience and he was doomed from the get go.

Burke played this one brilliantly. By steering this over to Sundin (why would he want to play here) he takes the pressure off (why there is any I don’t see, but I digress). His response today is more to shut people up I think. I mean you can just imagine the 500th question on Sundin him saying, look, until I hear from him that he would come back and what that is going to cost me how the hell can I comment? His answer yesterday echoes what so many people have been saying for a long time. Why would he want to come back. Hell Al Strachan (whom, by the way is brutal…no really, one word, brutal. How is this guy on the hotstove ??? There are so many better writers (and al doesn’t even write anymore) then this guy- first the CBC lost the song now they parade this jackass out there) said Sundin is still sour at how he was treated and would be #31 on his list of top destinations……

I don’t believe he is 100% wanting to come back. I think he is working out to see what type of shape he is in. Word is he isn’t even skating yet. He is meeting with teams to appease his agent so just in case he does want to come back he will have an idea. Like what kind of idea he needs is beyond me, but again I digress.

Burke has played this one perfectly. Would be nice to get a little bit of honesty on this one….

How great is it by the way that Sundin has notified the Maple Leaf media he won’t be talking to them while he is out there??? No seriously… With the ecconomy in the crapper how many of these guys said to their bosses, I have to go, Burke is there and I am sure I can have a chat with Mats to get the scoop….Opps….I rack one up for Sundin and EYE on this one!

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