Circus Day In Hockey???

Is there a full moon tonight?

First Sean Avery….


What a dumb thing to say… Wilbur says he gets double digit games. Kipper, with a beauty of his own, “It’s not what he said it’s how he said it” Huh???? Kipper also says that the suspension can’t be that long. I happen to agree, Greg Brady put the question of the NHLPA response to a lengthy suspension to Wilbur and Daren Dreger…. Dreger did the back stroke pretty quick on that one. Wilbur took the high road and said that the PA needs to understand that what Avery said is bad for the game which is bad for the players. It says here Happy Howie would never ask his buddy Glenn Healy for a quote on defending Avery.

Then you have Jim Kelly:

“But if it were my call (and my call would be based on newly minted Leafs general manager Brian Burke saying at his welcoming day press conference that he builds his team from the goal out) I’d be Christmas shopping for a new goaltender.It’s not that Vesa Toskala isn’t the answer; truth is on most nights he’s pretty much the best player on the ice. The problem is that on more than a few other nights he’s often the worst player on the ice.”

Of all the needs of this team right now, a number one goalie is not anywhere near the top. This is just stupid with a capital S. Why would Burke go get a strong number one goalie first given that he has yet to blow up the roster?

But wait, Kelly gets it…..”If the goal is to someday win the Stanley Cup this trend must be addressed.
I’m not arguing that a Toskala move needs to be made today or even before Burke’s self-imposed Christmas no-trade zone (beginning Dec. 9). I’d even argue having him stay on until the Leafs establish an identity and where they are likely to finish this season, but at some point down the road, if Burke follows his game plan, goaltending has to be the No. 1 issue.”

Wait wait wait.. Let’s look at what he wrote again….”I’d be Christmas shopping for a new goaltender” HUH???? Which is it???? No seriously, our oven has been self cleaning for a few hours and I am stuck in the kitchen while I write this, have the fumes gotten to me or is this the dumbest fucking thing ever written????

“Nash is nice while Bouwmeester is intriguing and they both fit the Burke pattern of big, tough and tenacious. But somewhere along the line Burke’s Leafs will need the same thing that John Ferguson’s Leafs needed and that Cliff Fletcher’s Leafs twice needed and Pat Quinn’s Leafs and Ken /Dryden’s Leafs and Floyd Smith’s Leafs and Jim Gregory’s Leafs and even my other Sportsnet colleague, Gord Stellick’s Leafs needed: A goaltender who can win when it matters most. It doesn’t have to be for Christmas. Any old holiday will do.”

Look, this is simple. Either you want a goalie now, or you don’t. There is no gray area here. Don’t say you want a number one goalie for christmas and then back peddle to it should be a priority to fast peddling that it has to be the number one priority!

There is more but I quit reading….

Over at the globe David Shoalts appears to have picked up a one hitter or something as the Burke on Sundin story changes by the hour… Man is this horse dead already or what…Someone please stop shooting it! Burke was crystal clear on during his press conference, he was equally as clear on PTS the other day. He doesn’t think Sundin wants to play for a rebuilding team. ENOUGH ALREADY. I don’t care if he is meeting with him, his wife, his agent or his trainer. Call me when or IF Sundin is going to play again and for whom….

Bob McKenzie seems to have clued in “Well, Burke killed that on Monday with repeated assertions that there’s no real point on either side to go down the Sundin road.”

Also from McKenzie “Burke has already requested – and received – permission from the Anaheim Ducks to talk to Nonis and there appears to be no obstacle to getting a deal done in short order.”

McKenzie also confirmed that Sundin has yet to start skating as many have reported before “As for Sundin, he will begin skating in Los Angeles for the first time this season on Tuesday.”

According to Ryan Hollweg is in the game, while UVM alum Jamie Siffers is out, Andy Deveaux…

Curious for the other 3 guys out there who watched the game vs. the kings, where any of you as offended by Deveaux not fighting at the end of the game…Kipper seems to think that Deveaux should be taken out back and also shot. (sorry for all the shooting references I have Plaxico Burress on the brain)

as an aside what a brutal goal Vesa just let in !

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